Veterinary Technician Schools

- 01/04/2016

Congratulations on the choice to become a veterinary technician.  The veterinary technician career is growing quickly and veterinary technician schools are always looking for new students.  Overall, veterinary technician is a great career option.  Veterinary technician pay is very competitive and training programs are not very long.  Finding a veterinary technician school that’s right for you can sometimes be difficult.  We hope the information below will help you make a more informed choice!

Veterinary Technician Salary

veterinary-technician-salaryAccording to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median veterinary technician salary  $14.56 per hour, or approximately $30,290 per year.  Pay is based on a variety of factors.  The most common factors include experience, location and education.

By finishing a veterinary technician training program you will be prepared to earn this competitive salary.

Training Programs

Most veterinary technician training programs require an associate’s degree in veterinary technology.  There are other programs that may require more training.  The organization that monitors licenses and certifications for veterinary technicians varies by state.  It’s important to request information from each veterinary technician program and ask about their services.

Job Outlook

veterinary-technician-jobsThe veterinary technician career is experiencing rapid job growth.  The BLS estimates that veterinary technician jobs will grow by 30%, creating more than 33,000 new veterinary technician jobs over the next ten years.

Now is the right time to request information from top veterinary technician schools!