RN Programs in Wisconsin

The registered nurse (RN) is one of the most widely used occupations in many medical workplaces. The RN job requires a degree or diploma and all states require registered nurses to be licensed and included in the state registry. RNs are paid a competitive salary and the future job outlook is promising with years of new jobs and growth ahead. RN programs in Wisconsin prepare students with the knowledge and skills they need to have success in the healthcare field.

RN Program Overview

RN programs in Wisconsin are some of the most typical nursing education programs. Many students elect to take one of the three typical education paths to become a RN: a bachelor’s of science in nursing (BSN), associate’s of science degree in nursing (ASN), or a diploma in nursing from an accredited school. Certain students elect to receive their education from RN schools online rather than traditional classroom-based settings.

RN Salary in Wisconsin

Registered Nurse Salary in Wisconsin

According to 2010 BLS results, the median registered nurse salary is $64,690 per year, or roughly $31 per hour. This is practically double the median salary of all combined occupations in the U.S. Perhaps that is why so many students are selecting the RN career path. With only a associate’s or bachelor’s degree in nursing you can start making a competitive salary in a durable healthcare field.

The registered nurse salary in Wisconsin could stray from the average. Salary might be affected by a variety of factors which include, cost of living, education, and experience.

Wisconsin Registered Nurse Jobs

One of the major inquiries by students is, “Will there be jobs after I graduate?” According to the BLS RN jobs are expected to grow by 26% between 2010 and 2020, including registered nurse jobs in Wisconsin. This growth should result in more than 700,000 new RN jobs! This is comforting news for students who are considering starting RN programs in Wisconsin. One of the easiest methods to find out about current RN jobs in Wisconsin is to search electronic job boards such as Monster or Indeed and review how many job postings there currently are in the area.

Registered Nurse Jobs in Wisconsin

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