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The registered nurse (RN) is one of the most widely used occupations in many health care settings. The RN occupation requires a degree or diploma and Illinois requires RNs to be licensed and included in the state registry. Registered Nurses in Illinois are paid a good salary and the future job market is excellent with years of new jobs and growth ahead.  RN programs in Illinois prepare students with the skills and knowledge they will need to have success in the nursing world.

RN Salary in Illinois

According to 2012 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) census data, the average RN salary in Illinois is $65,200 per year, or roughly $31 per hour. This is about the same as the national average. The highest paid registered nurses in Illinois earned just over $90,000 a year. Many students are choosing to enroll in Illinois RN programs because of this competitive salary. With as little as two years college education, students can begin earning quite a bit of income.

Illinois Registered Nurse Salary

Just like any occupation, registered nurse salary can be affected by various factors including, cost of living, education, and experience. However, even the lowest paid registered nurses in Illinois earn more than the average American in all other occupations!

Illinois RN Program Overview

RN programs in Illinois are some of the most widely attended nursing education programs in the state. Most students decide to take one of the three characteristic education paths to become an Illinois registered nurse: bachelor’s of science degree in nursing (BSN), associate’s of science in nursing (ASN), or a diploma in nursing from an accredited school. For students who do not live near a college or university that offers a nursing degree program, receiving an education from RN schools online may be a good alternative.

During the training program students will study a wide variety of topics. Each school develops their own curriculum and so there may be small differences with each school. That’s why it’s important to request FREE information from RNprograms in Illinois before selecting a program. In general students will learn about the human body, disease and disease prevention, how to effectively work with patients, and operating in a professional medical environment. After completing all course work, most students in Illinois will be required to pass a final examination before they can become certified.

Becoming Licensed in Illinois

In Illinois registered nurses are required to be licensed before they can practice. The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation oversees the licensing of RNs in the state. Once you complete an accredited registered nurse program in Illinois you will be required to go through the licensing process. Most Illinois RN programs assist students with this process as a part of their degree program.

Recommended RN Programs in Illinois

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Illinois RN Jobs

With so many ups and downs with the economy in Illinois, many students are wary when deciding to spend the money on education. One of the important inquiries by students is, “Will I find RN jobs when I graduate?” According to the BLS registered nurse jobs in Illinois are projected to grow by 13% between 2010 and 2020, including registered nurse jobs in Illinois. This growth should result in the creation of thousands of new RN jobs! That is fantastic news for students who are thinking about beginning RN programs in Illinois. A good way to find out about actual RN jobs in Illinois is to search electronic job sites such as Monster or Indeed and review how many job vacancies there currently are in city.

Registered Nurse Programs in Illinois - Jobs

RN Programs in Illinois Communities

There many excellent RN programs in Illinois. Communities across the state have developed degree and training programs to support the growing population in a wide variety of metropolitan areas. Many of these communities center around Chicago, for obvious reasons. But there are quite a few smaller cities and towns that have also developed an educational capacity in registered nursing.

Choosing the right school is important. But it’s just as important to be comfortable with your surroundings. Selecting an ideal location to live and attend school can make the difference between success and failure.

Other Nursing Career Opportunities in Illinois

If the registered nurse isn’t the ideal career choice for you, but you still want to begin a nursing career, there are other opportunities in Illinois. Some students can’t afford the 2-4 college program of a RN or they need to begin working and earning income faster. For those students nurse practitioner programs in Illinois or certified nursing assistant schools may be ideal.