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Alaska is just like any other community in the U.S. that has a population with health care needs. The Registered Nurse (RN) is one of the most necessary occupations found in a variety medical environments throughout Alaska. The RN job requires a degree and Alaska requires RNs to be licensed. RNs earn a competitive salary and the future job market is promising with years of growth and new jobs ahead. RN programs in Alaska enable students with the abilities, knowledge, and skills they will need to have success in the medical field.

RN Salary in Alaska

Registered nurses in Alaska earn 20% more than RNs in the rest of the country. The median RN salary in Alaska is $80,600 per year, or about $39 per hour. The RN occupation is one of the best jobs to have in Alaska. In fact, RN salary in Alaska is 32% higher than all other occupations in the state. Completing your education from an accredited RN program in Alaska is the first step to qualifying for this type of nursing salary.

RN Salary in Alaska

Recommended RN Programs in Alaska

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Alaska RN Program Overview

The typical path to become a registered nurse in Alaska is with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree. Some employers will hire RNs that only completed an Associate’s degree, but the 4-year program is highly recommended. Through the curriculum delivered by Alaska RN programs, students learn the valuable nursing knowledge and skills they will require to be successful in the workplace. Common areas of study include biology, anatomy, nursing practices, working in a professional medical environment, and hands-on training.

Online RN Programs

Because the campus options may be limited in Alaska, many students elect to get their nursing education  from RN schools online rather than traditional classroom based environments. In many cases the education is more affordable and the degree can be completed at your pace.

Getting Licensed as a RN

The State of Alaska requires that all registered nurses are licensed before they can begin work. The Alaska Board of Nursing is responsible for the licensing of RNs across the state. Most RN programs in Alaska will help students with the licensing process once they complete their education.

Alaska RN Jobs

All across the country it is expected that RN jobs will increase. Alaska has one of the highest growth rates in the nation. The BLS projects that RN jobs in Alaska will grow by 28% over the next 10 years. This is good news for students that want to enroll in an Alaska RN program but are afraid that there won’t be any jobs when they graduate. The opposite is true. Alaska RN jobs should be stable over the next long term period.

RN Programs in Alaska Cities

Alaska doesn’t have very many populated centers, but there are a few cities that have a growing health care need. Because Alaska is somewhat disconnected from the rest of the country, it is in these areas that registered nurses may find a permanent and long term nursing career. Check out Alaska RN programs in these communities:

A. Anchorage, AK

B. Fairbanks, AK

C. Juneau, AK