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RN Salary Comparison by State (2012)

Comparison of RN Salary by State

The Registered Nurse (RN) is the most commonly used nursing occupation. RNs are found in hospitals, clinics, medical centers, and even home-based care. Many students elect to complete RN programs because the salary is very competitive. The average RN salary in the U.S. is over $65,000 per year, or about $31 per hour. Also, the job prospects for registered nurses is very good. The BLS … (Read More)

The Nursing Industry Shortage (Infographic)

The Highs and Lows of Nursing

Despite the fact that registered nurse jobs are more available than ever, the U.S. is facing a nursing industry shortage. Much of this is due to the aging Baby Boomer population. Also, federal laws that make health care available to millions of Americans that were previously covered is compounding the crisis. The registered nurse plays an essential role in almost every health care environment. From … (Read More)

West Virginia RNs Allowed to Prescribe Medication?

Should Registered Nurses Prescribe Medication?

As Medicaid expands and more people enter into the health care system in West Virginia, there is an expected shortage of primary physicians throughout the state. Currently only physicians and other high-level medical practitioners are able to prescribe medication to patients. The threatened shortage of physicians is causing lawmakers to consider expanding prescription-writing authority beyond the traditional medical occupations. With Senate Bill 212 and House … (Read More)

Sacramento Makes List for Top Paid Registered Nurses

Sacramento, CA Sacramento, CA Registered Nurse Salary

Every two years the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics releases wage and employment data. For the last 10 years California has dominated the list for highest paid registered nurses.  In fact, no metropolitan area outside of California has ever made the Top 5 Highest Paid Nurse List in the last 10 years. One could argue that, California is where you want to be a nurse. … (Read More)

Why You Should Join an Online Nurse Community - Online Nurse Community

Being a nurse means working with all kinds of patients, as well as other professional health care staff. Sometimes you may run into problems at work or have a question with how to deal with a certain situation. That’s when being part of a larger online nurse community is important. Having access to knowledge and experience of nurses from around the country and world will … (Read More)