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Nursing shortage and growing need for Nurse Educators

Nursing Shortage and Nurse Educators

With the aging Baby Boomer population, many states are facing a nursing shortage. But as the State of Wisconsin has pointed out, it’s not just lack of nursing students. According to a Public News Service article, 50-75% of qualified nursing students who apply to four nursing schools at the University of Wisconsin (UW) are denied admission because the university doesn’t have enough qualified nurse educators. … (Read More)

Nurse staffing and education contribute to reduced patient deaths

Nurse Staffing and Education Contribute to Lower Patient Death Rate

A recent study called the Registered Nurses Forecasting (RN4CAST) has found hospitals that have nurse staff with fewer patients and more education result in better patient outcomes. The study found that hospitals in Europe who have nurses with fewer patients and a higher proportion of Bachelor Degree graduates had significantly fewer surgical patients die while being hospitalized. The study is supported by the U.S. National … (Read More)

San Jose, CA Leads Nation in Highest RN Salary

RN Salary in San Jose, CA

For the past 10 years San Jose, CA has lead the nation for highest paid registered nurses. RN salary in California is typically the highest in the nation. In fact, the metropolitan areas of Northern California, including San Jose, San Francisco, and more recently Sacramento have been home to the highest paid RNs in the country for the last decade. This makes RN programs in … (Read More)

A Career in Forensic Nursing

Career in Forensic Nursing

Forensic nursing is a very different type of nursing occupation. Forensic nurses are trained to work with patients who have suffered violence or abuse. Their special skill set allows them to treat the trauma associated with the violent act, not just the body. They also bridge the gap between medicine and law. The forensic nurse has specialized knowledge of the legal system and the ability … (Read More)

Proposal to Allow Nurse Anesthetists to Work without Anesthesiologist Supervision

Nurse Anesthetist vs. Anesthesiologist

Nurse anesthetists and physician anesthesiologists perform many of the same duties. That is why some organizations are proposing to allow nurses with advanced training to deliver these types of services without physician supervision. The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) is one of the organizations to recently propose such an option. They are receiving both support and opposition from the medical community. Their main concern appears to … (Read More)