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Four Missouri nursing schools make top 10 list

University of Missouri, Columbia

For the first time ever has ranked nursing schools. The University of Missouri, Columbia was ranked the #1 nursing school in the country. Overall, the Top 10 Nursing Schools of 2014 include four nursing schools in Missouri. The rankings are based on each school’s accessibility, affordability, and academic quality. 2014 Top 10 Nursing Schools In-state tuition at the top schools ranged from $4,255 to … (Read More)

Waitress Becomes RN After Customer Pays Tuition with Tip

Customer pays for nursing school with tip

Harrisburg is a small town in Pennsylvania, with less than 50,000 residents. It’s one of those towns where people know each other and everyone has their routine. Benjamin Olewine III is a 92 year old businessman that often frequents the Peachtree Restaurant in Harrisburg. Melissa Mainer was a waitress at the Peachtree, working to pay back her student loan debt. One morning Benjamin came into … (Read More)

Registered Nurse Jobs in Maine have Highest Demand

High Demand for Registered Nurse Jobs in Maine

Students are constantly looking for an educational path that will lead to a career. In the State of Maine, registered nurses are a safe bet. Registered nurses are used in many different healthcare facilities. Registered nurse jobs in Maine are high paying and experiencing rapid growth. These jobs provide a great career opportunity for future graduates in the state. Nurse Executive Sherri Woodward says, “I … (Read More)

Men in Nursing: The Need for Workforce Diversity

Men in Nursing

Over the last century a gender inequality revolution has happened. In many parts of the country the idea of men as “bread winners” and women as “home makers” has slowly eroded into history. But one group has not seen dramatic changes in gender equality: men in nursing. As of 2010, men represented only 7 percent of all registered nurses. Quite a mind blowing statistic when … (Read More)

High Demand for North Dakota Nurses in Rural Communities

High Demand for Nurses in Rural North Dakota Communities

The North Dakota Board of Nursing (NDBN) reports that the state is experiencing rapid growth and high demand in the nursing field, but is finding difficulty filling positions. Some of the highest need positions are the licensed practical nurse (LPN), registered nurse (RN), and advanced practice registered nurse (APRN). Finding nursing professionals to take jobs in rural North Dakota communities is a challenge. Many hospitals … (Read More)