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Maryland is one of the smallest states in the country but one of the most densely populated. It is home to several large population areas, including Baltimore and Annapolis. As a result, nursing schools in Maryland have developed a wide variety of programs to support the growing health care need. Many of the nursing occupations in Maryland are expected to grow rapidly over the next 10 years. Some occupations are projected to experience more than 25% growth, making now the perfect time to enroll in one of the accredited nursing schools in Maryland.

Registered Nursing Schools in Maryland

Because the registered nurse is the most commonly used nursing occupation, RN programs in Maryland are some of the most popular in the state. RNs work with a wide variety of health care professionals, including physicians, surgeons, and diagnostic staff. It is common for many students to start their career as a RN and go on to become a higher level nurse. RN jobs in Maryland are projected to increase by 27% by 2020 and RN salary in Maryland is very competitive.

RN Salary in Maryland

The salary of registered nurses in Maryland is about 7% higher than the national average. The median RN salary in Maryland is $70,300 per year, or approximately $34 per hour. Most registered nursing schools in Maryland offer bachelor’s degree programs, but some students can find RN jobs with only an associate’s degree. A $70k salary with a 4-year degree is pretty good.

RN Salary in Maryland

Nurse Practitioner Programs in Maryland

The nurse practitioner is typically a registered nurse that operates with more independence and often has specialized education and skills beyond the general RN. Nurse practitioner programs in Maryland usually begin with the common registered nurse track and then go on to allow students to specialize in specific fields. Most nursing schools in Maryland with nurse practitioner programs offer master degrees. Nurse practitioners earn more than a regular registered nurse.

Nurse Practitioner Salary in Maryland

Nurse practitioners in Maryland earn $20k more per year than a registered nurse. The median nurse practitioner salary in Maryland is $90,300 annually, or about $43 per hour. This is about the national average.

Nurse Practitioner Salary in Maryland

CRNA Schools in Maryland

The certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA) is one of the fastest growing nurse occupations in Maryland. Maryland CRNA schools provide students with the skills to operate as a registered nurse, with the advanced skills and education in the administration of anesthesia. Because of these high level responsibilities, nurse anesthetist salary is significantly higher than a general RN and CRNA nursing schools in Maryland typically offer master’s degree programs.

CRNA Salary in Maryland

The highest paid CRNAs in Maryland earned more than $187k annually. The median CRNA salary in Maryland was $147,900 per year, or roughly $71 per hour. This makes the CRNA one of the top paid nursing professionals in Maryland. This is why CRNA nursing schools in Maryland are some of the most competitive.

CRNA Salary in Maryland

RN Licensing in Maryland

All registered nurses in Maryland are required to be licensed. The Maryland Board of Nursing is responsible for the licensing of RNs throughout the state. Most nursing schools in Maryland assist students with becoming licensed after completing the training program.