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Illinois is home to one of the nation’s largest cities: Chicago. As a result there are several larger metropolitan areas throughout the state with a growing health care need. A wide variety of nursing schools in Illinois are available to help students find the perfect nurse career. Nursing in Illinois is a rapidly growing. With over 13% growth expected in the main nursing occupations, the future job outlook is good. Nursing salaries in Illinois are lower than the national average, but their are still competitive for the area.

Registered Nursing Schools in Illinois

The registered nurse is probably the most widely used nurse occupation. RN programs in Illinois are designed to give students the knowledge and clinical experience to enter the health care world with the skills necessary to be successful as a nurse. The typical education path for RNs in Illinois is to complete a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree. Some nurses go on to receive specialized education with a Masters of Science in Nursing degree. Most registered nursing schools in Illinois offer RN courses as the industry standard for nursing. Registered nurse jobs in Illinois are expected to grow and RNs earn a decent salary throughout the state.

RN Salary in Illinois

Compared to most other occupations in Illinois, registered nurses earn a good salary. The national average salary for RNs is just over $65,000. The Illinois registered nurse salary is just about average. In 2012 registered nurse salary in Illinois was $65,200 per year, or about $31 per hour. The highest paid RNs in Illinois earned more than $90,000 annually. The first step to qualifying for jobs with this salary range is to complete a program from one of the accredited registered nursing schools in Illinois.

Illinois Registered Nurse Salary

Nurse Practitioner

A nurse practitioner is a higher level nurse. They are typically registered nurses that have completed nurse practitioner programs in Illinois which include RN coursework and a graduate degree program. The most common educational path is a Master of Science degree in Nursing. Nurse practitioners in Illinois earn a very competitive salary and the job opportunities are expected to grow over the next generation.

Nurse Practitioner Salary in Illinois

The median nurse practitioner salary in Illinois in 2012 was $84,900 per year, or about $41 per hour. This is slightly lower than the national average. But compared with the average salary in Illinois, nurse practitioners make a significantly higher income than most other occupations.

Illinois Nurse Practitioner Salary

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA)

Illinois CRNA schools are growing in popularity across the state. The nurse anesthetist specializes in administering anesthesia to patients. They also monitor patients before, during, and after anesthesia has been administered. This type of work requires a very specific skill set and most CRNAs in Illinois operate as registered nurses along with any specific anesthesia related duties. CRNA nursing schools in Illinois will help students qualify for this highly desirable career. The future job outlook for CRNAs in Illinois is very promising and CRNA salary in Illinois is very good.

CRNA Salary in Illinois

Nurse anesthetists are some of the highest paid nursing professionals in Illinois. In 2012 the CRNA salary in Illinois was $153,800 per year, or about $74 per hour. This is about $5k higher than the national average. The upper 10% of CRNAs in Illinois earned more than $187,000 annually.

Illinois CRNA Salary