LVN Programs in Sheridan, WY

LVN Programs in SheridanThe Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) is a mid-level nursing professional. They work under the supervision of a Registered Nurse (RN) and provide general care to patients. LVN programs in Sheridan adhere to rigid Wyoming state regulations regarding LVN certification. These programs give students the the skills, abilities, and knowledge needed to become successful LVNs.

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LVN Career Overview

Qualifications for Training HS diploma or equivalent
Education Required
12-18 months training program
Key Skills speaking skills, stamina, interpersonal skills, detail oriented, patience
Certification Wyoming requires certification for employment
Job Growth (2014-2024) 16% (much faster than average)*
Median Annual Salary in Wyoming (2015)

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

License and Certification

Once you complete training from your choice of LVN programs in Sheridan, you register for the National Council Licensure Examination – Practical Nurses (NCLEX-PN). This exam is administered by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing. The state of Wyoming requires you to pass the NCLEX-PN before you can begin working as an LVN in Sheridan.

Some LVNs and LPNs also select to get certified in specialized areas, such as gerontology or IV therapy. Having a certification shows you have an advanced level of knowledge about a specific subject.

Best LVN Programs in Sheridan

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Sheridan LVN Salary

According to the BLS, the average LVN salary in Wyoming is $44,380 per year, or about $21.34 hourly.  One of the variables that impacts salary the most is location.  As a result, Sheridan LVN salary may be different from the national or state average. Some students decide to move after finishing LVN programs in Sheridan. For this reason, we have provided some details identifying the highest paying areas nationwide for LVN salary.

Top Paying States

LVN Salary by State

Figure 1: LVN Salary by State

Figure 1 shows, the states with the highest LVN salary are on the coasts. Below is a list of the top 5 highest paying states for LVN salary.

  1. Connecticut – $55,630
  2. Rhode Island – $55,230
  3. Alaska – $54,400
  4. Massachusetts – $54,160
  5. New Jersey – $53,300

Top Paying Metro Areas

LVN Salary by Metropolitan Area

Figure 2: LVN Salary by City

Many of the top cities are not part of the highest paying states. Below is a list of the top 5 highest paying cities for LVN salary:

  1. San Francisco, CA – $61,820
  2. San Rafael, CA – $60,360
  3. Oakland, CA – $59,870
  4. Barnstable Town, MA – $59,440
  5. Salem, MA – $59,130

NOTE: Higher salary does not necessarily indicate a higher standard of living. Certain cities have a high cost of living. It’s important to contrast income against the cost of living before making any career decisions!

Sheridan LVN Work Sites

Below we’ve provided a map of possible business that employ LVNs in Sheridan, WY.

Sheridan LVN Jobs

Some students worry that there won’t be jobs after graduation. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected that LVN jobs will grow by 16% over the next decade. This growth rate is much faster than other occupations.  Now is the ideal time to search for LVN programs in Sheridan!

LVN to RN Programs in Sheridan

Many LVNs go on to higher nursing jobs. One of the regular paths is to become a registered nurse (RN). RNs earn a higher salary and have a higher level of responsibility. To become an RN, you need to complete an RN program. LVN to RN programs in Sheridan can help you advance your medical career!

Desired Qualities

Desired Qualities of an LVNCompassion. LVNs provide basic nursing care to sick and injured patients. Having compassion and understanding their circumstances will help you deliver better care.

Detail Oriented. LVN programs in Sheridan teach students how to follow detailed protocols and procedures. LVNs need to be detail oriented and responsible to ensure patients get the correct care in time.

Interpersonal Skills. LVNs work closely with other medical personnel and patients. Being able to relate to and interact with others regularly is very important.

Patience. Managing sick and injured people can be stressful. LVNs need to be patient. Patience will give you the ability to manage the stress that comes from difficult situations.

Stamina. LVNs are on the go most of the time. You will also be constantly walking, bending over, and performing other physical tasks. Stamina is very important for an LVN to get through the day.

Speaking Skills. It is crucial that LVNs communicate accurately. For example, you might be required to relay information about patient treatment or condition to an RN.

Work Environment

LVNs in Sheridan commonly work full time. Although, the BLS reports that approximately 20% worked part time in 2014. Most LVNs work in nursing and adult residential care facilities. Here is an overview of other locations an LVN might work in Sheridan.

  • Residential care and Nursing facilities – 38%
  • Hospitals; state, private, and local – 17%
  • Offices of physicians – 13%
  • Home healthcare services – 11%
  • Government – 7%